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1485 - 1601


A visit to your school from a Tudor. A Tudor Lord from the 16th century will visit your class to run a workshop to teach your children and help them learn about life in Tudor times. We will use artefacts, drama, roleplay, dressing up and storytelling to bring history to life!

Topics include:

  • When were the Tudors?

  • Who were the Tudors?

  • Learn to talk like a Tudor.

  • How to behave like a Tudor.

  • How to look like a fashionable Tudor.

  • How to dance like a Tudor.

  • Where to stay in Tudor England.

  • Watch out for Tudor criminals!

  • Artefacts the Tudors used at home.

  • What to do if you’re ill in the Tudor times.

Did you know???

Henry VIII was a fan of football and even had a special pair of football boots made!

Elizabeth I used to clean her teeth with soot - which was actually quite effective at removing stains and odours!

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