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Knights and Castles, Turrets and Tiaras!

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A visit to your school from a Medieval knight. A knight from the Middle ages will visit your class to run a workshop to teach your children and help them learn about life in the time of knights and castles. We will use artefacts, drama, roleplay, dressing up and storytelling to bring history to life!

  • 1000 years of arms and armour with some children dressing in period armour;

  • Jousting (safely at targets) for all;

  • Building a large woodblock castle to learn all its defensive features before assaulting and destroying it with a trebuchet;

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In 1314, football was banned because it was too violent.

In 1347 the Black Death, a deadly plague, began in Europe and lasted for 3 years, killing 25 million people, 1/3 of the population!

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